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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rogue One: Prequeling the Fun

I wanted to say, "Hell yeah!" but I'm going for a well-meant and modest "Oh darn" instead. Yes, friends and fiends, it's that time of year again when turkeys are followed by rebooted sequels and sequeled prequels in a galaxy far away.

But it doesn't feel like it's far away. Disney wants you to buy their stuff on a regular basis. It seems like only yesterday that I showed you this drool-inducing yummy piece of work (the girl looks OK too):

.... followed by this unintentionally awe-inspiring teaser thingy:

...because I was so excited ─ nay, enthusiastically hysterical in an oxygen-depraved way ─ about the prospect of once again being immersed in all things Star Wars. A couple of months down the line, though, I couldn't help but not be so impressed by the sequel that was really a reboot. Others have called my state of mind back then the Temporary Avatar Syndrome. Two images still spring to mind: Rey sleighing down a dune and Princess Leia reminding me of an actress wondering why the hell she was there looking at an old man who reminded her of a character in a movie she used to play in.

And now it's time for yet another dip in the dark. Here comes Rogue One boasting yet another chick in a flick about, yes, another Death Star ─ which really is the same one as the one in Star Wars IV (AKA Death Star 1) but different from the one in Star Wars VI (AKA Death Star 2) and completely different yet similar to the one in Star Wars VII (AKA Starkiller Base pretending not to be another Death Star). Lo and behold:

Which is when a modest "Oh darn" seems to be in order. Another Death Star. You'd better believe it, baby. Peace is a lie.

And so is the end of this franchise.

* * *